Sunday, 24 March 2013

I would like my own robot please

Robots get a lot of bad press in the movies. If they're not plotting to kill you (Terminator), or pretending to look like you (Blade Runner), their mortally depressed (The Hitchhickers Guide to the Universe) or just completely stupid (Short Circuit). Rarely does a film accept robots as what they'll ultimately turn into; helpers for the disabled or lazy.

Robot & Frank is a refreshing look at the impending future where technology is still something we simultaenously fear and crave. Frank, the diamond theiving dementia suffering protagonist of this Jake Scheier directed film, has no qualms using his see through iphone and speaking to his daughter on a massive TV via a skype-a-like, but the robot helper is a step too far for him. he believe's he'll lose his independance, that he'll just become a mess in the corner while the robot does everything, or worse, he'll become a
slave to the robots whim. Alas, he shall not fear, the robot is his friend! Yes he tries to help him live a healthier lifestyle, his primary objective, but provides the comfort and companionship he really needs. In a world where people are rapidly living longer but more isolating lives, surely robot butlers is not a bad thing?

This is a more subtle, quieter, subdued film, but one that thoroughly entertains. Treat yourself to it. Give the loud noises and bright colours a break for a week.

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