Sunday, 31 March 2013

happy easter bum lords

So it is easter the day to celebrate bunnies and chocolate and nothing else. So I been trying to come up with a top 5 films with bunnies but I couldn't think off 5 good ones so welcome to Richees top 3 films with bunnies.

3. Watership Down. This brilliant animated movie adapted from the Richard Adams novel about a group of rabbits who leave their rabbit hole to find a new rabbit hole with dangers along the way with John Hurt and Richard Briers voice talent this is definatly one to watch.

2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Who can forget the moment King Arthur and his group of merry men cross paths with the killer rabbit which slaughters most of them in seconds only able to defeat it with the holy hand grenade easily the most dangerous rabbit in film ever.

1.Who Framed Roger Rabbit. What else did you expect. This film is a classic and one of the best animated films ever with the likes of Bob Hoskins rough detective and Christopher Lloyds eerie Judge Doom leading the cast and Charles Fleisher doing a brilliant job voicing Roger Rabbit and others if you havn't seen this yet get on it.

So what films with bunnies do you think should be top 5/3 let me know and don't forget to check out the latest podcast where we review Side Effects. Richee

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