Thursday, 7 March 2013

300 rise of an empire

So tis the season to make sequals and along comes another to follow on from Frank Millar's "300", starring Sullivan Stapleton from Strikeback fame as the Athens general Themistocles and the returning Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes. I imagine we are in for another dose of half naked men running around looking buff but who's complaining about that. In this film Xerxes has decided to carry on his attack on Greece after defeating Leonidas and his 300 men. He and his army head towards the major Greek citys with Athens first on the way. Having their strength in there naval fleets they join forces with former enemies the Spartans, or whats left of them, to try and defeat Xerxes and his overwhelming force - can they really defeat a God? Can this film match up to the testosterome of the original? We see Noam Murro taking over as director from Zack Snyder seems a risky move to me and after Joel Edgerton turned down the lead. You gotta wonder how well Sullivan Stapleton will adapt as the lead in a major motion picture, most of his previous parts in films have been no more then bit parts, so will be interesting to see how he does. Out in August, maybe one to keep an eye on unless it is rated 12 in which case steer clear. Richee

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