Thursday, 21 February 2013

there coming to get you barbara

Oh goodness me 2013 is the year for Zombies, mainly for the Walking Dead. After the recent Telltale point and click game which was a huge success actually won game of the year i think. We now get a first person shooter (Walking Dead Survival Instincts) In this game we explore the past of the Dixon brothers Daryl and Merle voiced by there on screen counter parts Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker. I'm really exited for this one as Daryls is a major part in the show but not in the comics. So what you can do with the brothers is limitless, and with the ability to recruit other survivors to help along the way and the ability to travel a massive city;  written by Robert Kirkman who writes the comics i'm sure we will get a scary suspenseful game. Out on the 26th March I have high hopes for this one so lets hope its not another Aliens Colonial Marines. And i know we are a movie review blog but i love gaming and zombies so deal with it. Richee

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