Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sin city 2 it's coming

Having been put on the shelf so Tarantino could make Inglorious Basterds, Sin City 2 is finally being made. Focusing on the graphic novel A Dame to Kill and 2 other segments, we see a return from most the original cast minus 4. Josh Brolin has taken over from Clive Owen as Dwight for a reason unknown to me but possibly due to the story of Dwights appearance, which I won't ruin for you. Jamie Chung takes over from Devon Aoki as Miho due to Devon Aoki's pregnancy. Dennis Haysbert is taking over from Michael Clarke Duncan who passed away last year in the role of Manute. Not sure who is taking over as Shelly, who was originally played by Brittany Murphy, who passed away late 2009. We see a return to the director partnership of Robert Rodriguez and Frank Millar. Due out for release in October I'm very excited to see how this goes. As a fan of the graphic novels and seeing how closely they stuck to them originally I have no real doubts for this film. This also leaves room to finish off the trilogy using Frank Millars longest graphic novel Hell and Back and his shortest graphic novel Family Values. Just gotta hope they don't take another 8 years to make the third film.Will return with an update if I find any. Keep an eye open and why not like us on the facebooks would be much appreciated. Richee

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