Tuesday, 26 February 2013

richee rage top 5 most disappointing films

So for some reason I just sat through the Alien Quadrilogy and after Alien 3 it dawned on me, only Resurection to go. Now I have only watched this film once that was back in the late 90s when I was in secondary school so I thought I may have just been a stupid kid, it might not be that bad. Well I was wrong. This film is and always will be garbage so I thought I would do a list of my top 5 most disappointing films. Enjoy.

5. Alien Resurection, the reason I'm doing this list. This film tainted the Alien name and ever since then anything with the Alien name has turned to scum.

4. Jurassic Park 3. What is it with Hollywood and putting kids in films? There is no way in hell a child would be able to survive on an island with raptors not to mention the spineosaurus taking over from the t-rex. That dino sucked.

3. Wolverine Origins. This whole film was a massive cluster fuck and dont get me started on the whole deadpool angle. No wonder Ryan Reynolds jumped ship to the Green Lantern. Here's hoping the Wolverine will stick closer to the source material and dear god never put will i am in another film .

2. The Hunger Games. Fair enough its about romance but the books were pretty good. I was hoping for an American Battle Royale but what I got was Twilight with no sparkly vampires, which is good but at the same time where did all the grusome deaths go and why the fuck did Peta not lose his leg. And casting Woody Harrelson as Haymich was stupid. I don't care if he is a big name, get some one who suits the part.

1. Prometheus. At the end I walked out of this film confused and sad. I had such high hopes for this one. I had it all planned out with the space jockies and Weyland-Yutani Corp and how it was the prequal to Alien with Ridley Scott back directing, with Michael Fassbender and Idris Elba. How could it fail? But again since Resurection the name has been tainted to the extent that not even ridley scott could fix it, not even by changing the name.

So there you go peeps, my top 5 most disappointing films and the only reason AVP didnt make it on here was because I didnt expect much from it anyway. Don't know why just thought blah. So what do you guys think please comment and let me know what films let you down. Richee

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