Saturday, 23 February 2013

layla's top 5 songs in film

There are some songs that resonate so greatly with a film that you cannot picture the film without that song, and consiquently that song will always remind you of that film. A good soundtrack will always bring a film from good to brilliant. So, in response, here are my top five songs in film.

Barber's Adagio for Strings from The Elephant Man
I have only recently seen this film, but this scene was so moving I had to include it in this list. Joseph Merrick has just had the best day of his life in the theatre, and has fineally gained acceptance and respect from the chattering classes. He has seen his bullying days behind him. He retires to his chamber, surrounded by the things he loves. Then Barbars strings start up, and before you even realise its the end of the Elephant Man you feel it. I've seen this song used in a lot of contexts, from art films to remix's, but David Lynch's film really brought out the humility of this song, and Joseph Merrick himself.

Bernard Hermann's The Murder from Psycho
Probably one of the most famous music scores from any film ever. As discussed in our Hitchcock Saturday Special podcast, both me and Richee agree that without this music, this film wouldn't be the same. Try watching the shower scene with the volume down. Just not the same.

Philip Glass' Pruit Igoe from Koyaanisqatsi
This film is just one mega spectacular soundtrack/cinematography experience. There is no decernable plot, no characters, just the story of how man has overtaken the earth and space with Philip Glass' phenomenal minimalist music. I could of chosen any song from the film, but the scene of the Pruitt-Igoe estate being demolished is strangely alluring.

Walter Murphy's A Fifth of Beethoven from Saturday Night Fever
This film encapusulates everything that is disco. Not one of my favourite musical genre's ever, but this film makes peacocking, outlandish dancing and falsetto singing cool. Any of the BeeGee's songs would of been excellent, but I had to choose Walter Murphy's disco interpritation of Beethoven's fifth symphony. Mainly, because this song is constantly stuck in my head.

Johann Strauss' An der schönen blauen Donau from 2001: A Space Odyssy
How many director's can make a space ship docking look so awe-inspiring and beautiful? Another film that perfectly matches the visuals and the audio, Stanley Kubrick's epic scene just leaves you elated.

So, did I make the right choices? What songs would you put on your own list? Let us know in the comments. -- Layla

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