Friday, 15 February 2013

Dear god why

Yippee another spoof film. Just what we need. This time around its Scary Movie 5. Honestly who watches this crap any more. Surely after the rubbish that was Vampires Suck, Epic Movie and that pile of horse shit Meet The Spartans, why make another spoof film. Any way, this spoofs the current fad which is exorcism/possession films, which are currently going around for some unknown reason to me. Malcolm D. Lee returns as director with Simon Rex and Charlie Sheen, who died in the previous film, but lets ignore this fact. Aapparently neither have nothing better to do so here they are. Unlike Anna Faris, who has moved on to bigger and better things, good for her. The film is about about Dan (Simon Rex), the ape researcher and Jody(Ashley Tisdale), the ballet instructor. After bringing their son home from the hospital weird things start to happen so they install some video surveillance equipment to see whats going on. So there you go. Thats the basic story so Paranormal spoof along with Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes and Black Swan also getting the treatment. Released on the 12th April in cinemas this is one you should probably just give a miss. The funny thing is the film was supposed to be released in January but got pushed back due to Marlon Wayans, from the first two Scary Movie films. Who has gone and done a spoof of his own called A Haunted House and guess what its about, thats right, exorcism/possession. -- FUCK!-- Starring Marlon Wayans as Malcolm and Essence Atkins as Kisha, the film follows the couple getting a new house. This leads to Kisha getting possessed so Malcolm gets in some fake ghost busters, a vicar played by Cedric the Entertainer and a psychic played by Nick Swardson. I got to admit I have very little hope for either film. The second isn't even getting a cinema release in England as far as I know. So keep an eye on the bargain bin for this one if for some reason you wanna watch it. I'm just hoping they have spoofed everything now so there won't be another spoof film ever again. Richee

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