Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Charlie Brooker goes to Hollywood

Shame on you anyone that hasn't seen Charlie Brookers Black Mirror. I would consider it 1984 meets The Twilight Zone, entertainment that makes you question the way we live now, from the bullying nature of the internet mob to supposed happiness gained from fame and fortune. The Entire History of You, the last episode of the first series, portrayed a near future where we choose to install our brains with a record button. We record everything we see, and can play back what we choose. Written by Jesse Armstrong of Peep Show fame, it was a fantastic tale of paranoia and invasive technology. So affective was it, Robert Downey Jr. has brought the rights to the episode.

I really loved this series, so I hope they do a good job of it. My main fear is that they will destroy the claustrophobic atmosphere of the show in exchange for bloated Hollywood exuberance. The episode was also straight faced; even though the technology proved bad for the protagonist, the morals where not shoved down your throat. American cinema has a tendencies to be heavy handed with its moral's, so I just pray that they don't ruin the subtleness of this programme. But as it looks, my fears may be answered; the plot concentrates on a widower to tries to reconstruct his dead wife using the memory technology, only to uncover a conspiracy....

I still don't quite understand why Hollywood feels the need to constantly remake foreigners work. This episode was amazing, could it not just stayed as that? Either way, Mr Brooker will now be in the money.

If you've not already seen Black Mirror, its available to watch on 4OD. Watch it.


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