Monday, 18 February 2013

a sequal to look out for

Well I can't believe they've gone and done it. Machete is getting a sequal. I know they advertised it at the end of the original but I thought that was just tongue in cheek but they are actually doing it. And making it a trilogy at that starring Danny Trejo as Machete, obviously, and directed by the awesome Robert Rodriguez, this movie is out for release in September. Now the other characters, the first thing that catches your eye is the villain played by everyones favourite jew basher Mel Gibson playing Luther Voz. Though Gibson's morals are questionable I have all ways enjoyed his films, well the ones he's acted in, not the ones he directed. So along with Gibson two other new faces to the franchise our Alexa Vega from the Spy Kids fame playing Killjoy and Charlie Sheen who doesnt need any introduction as the President of the United States. Could be plausable I guess. Along with them returning are Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba. So whats the story you ask well it appears some dastardly villain is launching weapons of mass destruction into space so the United States government need the best which means Machete. So to stop this mad man he has to search him out in his native Mexico where Luther Voz is hiding before he launches his weapons. Basically, we're gonna have another B-movie spectacular which I perssonaly love. Its nice to sit down and watch a balls out stupid film once in a while. Robert Rodriguez is proving himself a force in this field; this is one for all B-movie/action fans to look out for. I know im gonna be keeping an eye on it along with the third film (machete kills again... in space) as soon as details become available for that one I will blog about it. Richee

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