Monday, 21 August 2017

THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD - podcast review out tomorrow

DVD Roundup: office gore edition

There's something tantalising about the idea of The Belko Experiment, even if it does just sound like Battle Royale in an office block. Something about that kind of working environment that could lead to this situation playing out, in your imagination at least. Both praised and lambasted for its gore, this looks like a horror that, similar to The Purge, extols an interesting idea but lacks the intelligence to make it truly memorable. Still, we do plan on watching it.

Remember that trailer for the Russian Avengers-style movie that everyone went wild for? Well, Guardians is out now to buy, and I've gotta let you know that a lot of people hated it. Looking cheap, derivative, plot holes, this film was criticised a lot, especially within Russia. I imagine this movie will serve as an entertaining bad movie, a curious mess.

Revolving around the love affair between two people as they make a propaganda film in WWII, Their Finest has been praised for being joyous, but not overbearingly so (considering the subject matter). Starring the always brilliant Gemma Arteton, expect some amiable characters and great characters in this period drama.

I was initially quick to dismiss Lady Macbeth, although the title is intriguing, as it tells the story of a young woman having an affair outside of her loveless marriage in Victorian Britain. Then you here that the protagonist is actually much nastier than she looks, and maybe that namesake is totally deliberate, and now maybe I want to watch this movie. One to keep an eye out for.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Defenders - Richee Review

The latest Marvel Netflix series was released yesterday, and I've just power watched it over the last two days so I could get this review out nice and early. The show brings together the protagonist of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and, my favourite, Jessica Jones, to fight the dastardly Hand, a group of ninjas who both Daredevil and Iron Fist have fought in their shows. This time their leader is revealed as Alexandra (Sigourney Weaver), with the Black Sky now at her side she is making a final push for something buried deep underground, forcing the heroes together. 

The first episode shows us the four leads and whats been going on in their lives since their solo adventures. In the second episode Matt Murdock meets Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist and Luke Cage come to blows as they stumble across each other. Episode 3 we find out a bit more about Alexandra and Black Sky/Elektra, plus we finally get to see Stick again, who has been caught by The Hand. He soon escapes though, giving them a *hand* in the process. Claire introduces Danny and Luke for some bants, then all four characters come together in a fight against Alexandra's henchmen and the Black Sky.
Episode four has the team hiding out trying to come together and plan their next attack. We find out about how The Hand was formed, with five members of Kun'Lun dropping out for their own greedy ways and the power of immortality. Black Sky and The Hand locate the team in the Chinese restaurant they're hiding in and come to blows. Episode five opens up with the battle continuing as Matt tries to connect with Black Sky/Elektra. The team flees while Luke manages to catch one of the leaders of The Hand in Sowande to interrogate. He gives up nothing until he thinks he has the upper hand and soon loses his head, thanks to Stick. Matt finally dons the Daredevil outfit again.

In episode 6, after finding out Danny might be a key for what ever The Hand want, the team decide to keep him out of reach. Danny doesn't like this though so has a cry then throws down against his allies getting himself knocked out. Black Sky goes to Matt's apartment to try and remember something. Alexandra tells her that Matt let her die in the first place to keep her in check. Stick decides to take matters into his own hands, using an incense to knock Luke Cage out but before he can execute Danny. Black Sky shows up to stick it to Stick and knock out the rest of the Defenders, taking Bitch Fist in the process. The episode also ends on what I thought was a shocker, so no spoilers here but it got me excited for the last two episodes.
Episode seven has the team being questioned by the cops, who aren't too happy about what they found at their hide out. They decide to break out, as ain't no one got time for cop nonsense. They head back to the hide out of The Hand and battle their leaders Bakuto, Murakami, and we finally get to see Madame Gao in action. Colleen Wing shifts the fight to the Defenders side while Bitch Fist fights Elektra and is easily led into opening the door that The Hand wanted open (idiot). The final episode has the team all joining forces again to fight The Hand while Colleen and Claire plant C4 to bury what ever is down in the hole. Bakudo comes to blows with former student Colleen. Misty lends more then a hand to save Claire and see Bakudo defeated.  A tough decision is made by one of the Defenders and The Hand are defeated. 

So that's the basic story in what felt like a bit of a lackluster team up. They did well portraying The Hand as a true threat, especially with Black Sky/Elektra leading the attack going toe to toe with all the Defenders. I enjoyed all the characters, and Stick especially, he is such a badass. The only member I didn't enjoy was Danny Rand/Iron Fist, again he came off as a bit of a whiny bitch. He looked more competent in fighting but episode six just really nailed how much of a whiner he is. The fight scenes are again in the dark, minus the awesome coming together in the fourth episode. I want to see the fight scenes, please. 
There was a really random rap song in the final fight which felt really out of place. Other then those few points this was a competent show, not as good as Jessica Jones or the first season of Daredevil, or the first half of season 2 of Daredevil, but Elektra was far more competent then I expected. Was really worried about The Hand as a whole because they're such a throw away enemy, but Elektra was great. The team up of Luke Cage and Iron Fist really didn't feel great. I was hoping the two would have far better chemistry then they did, and I'm not behind Finn Jones as Iron Fist. Mike Coulter is great as Luke Cage though. Rosario Dawson is here again feeling more out of place then ever, not as a love interest for Luke but as an ally for the team, I don't see it.

So yeah, final rating a 7/10: it's a good show but does nothing brilliantly. Sigourney Weaver is good as the ominus lead, and even the other members of The Hand mention how she should get her hands dirty and how there is descent in the ranks. Jessica Jones is great in all her sassy glory, but it lacked that epic moment, with only one real shocking moment and only two episodes leaving me wanting more excitement. Hopefully in the future they'll have better lit fight scenes and less Bitch Fist. But what did you think? Let us know in the comments. Richee

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Vice Principals - Richee Review

Well I've been lacking in the blogs as of late (sorry about that), but with Now TV in tow because hell no am I missing Game Of Thrones, but The Layla has all ready hijacked that goldmine worth of blogs so I've searched what else I could watch and found the show Vice Principals, starring Danny McBride and Walton Goggins. With two great talents like that fronting the series, I wasn't sure how I hadn't heard of it, so I dived in feet first, kinda expecting a shit show.

So the show opens with the Principle, played by Bill Murray, retiring to look after his sick wife, leaving one hot headed Vice Principle and one suck up Vice Principle, hoping to land the job of Principle. When the day comes to announce the new Principle both men are less then pleased to be passed over as the job is given to Dr Belinda Brown, a successful Principle from Philadelphia. Both men decide to put there dislike of one another to one side and take down this new enemy.
The show took me a while to get behind because it's a case of you got these two jerk leads trying to force this woman out of her job for no other reason then they want it. They don't care how good she is at the job, or what kind of person she is, it's just out of their own greed. So it's hard to kind root for them, but as the show goes on, it fleshes out the characters really well, showing you the struggles both men go through in life, and also Dr Brown, who has a tragic back story, which lead me to kinda root for all three. 

Danny McBride plays Neal Gamby, the hot headed authority figure of the school, dealing with his daughter growing up with his ex-wife and her new step dad Ray. Walton Goggins plays Lee Russell, the overly camp suck up who's friends with everyone, but only for his own means, but is struggling with his wife's mother moving in to his house showing him no respect. Kimberly Hebert Gregory plays Dr Belinda Brown, the new Principal, who is a no nonsense strong willed woman trying to raise her two sons after a messy break up, leaving Philadelphia for this new job.
It's really nice to see the comradery between the two leads blossom into a proper friendship. They're both scum bags, but it's good to see them find a friend in each other, seeing their devious plans fall apart and the lengths they're willing to go to to get their way, while they scheme behind Dr Browns back. Mr Gamby chasing his affections for teacher Miss Snodgrass, played by Georgia King, who thinks he's a bit of an arsehole, but as the two work together she sees maybe he isn't such a bad guy.

I think the latter half of the show is better then the beginning, and I think it really picks up with the last three episodes, leaving on a cliff hanger ending for season two, which I'm really looking forward too now. Final rating 8/10: this was a really good show. Its offensive and violent but so much fun, and these extremely flawed characters do grow on you, as you hope for the best out come in their personal lives, while hoping they will give up on their misgivings of getting rid of Dr Brown. What do you think? Did you enjoy the show? Let us know in the comments below. Layla doesn't feed me unless I get comments, so please, I'm so hungry. Richee 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

GAME OF THRONES - Season 7 Episode 5 review


First off, how could you even doubt that it was Bronn that saved Jaime from almost certain death? He's been promised a castle by the Lannister's, and he's determined to get it. While that has been his mission for a while now, it seems that Bronn has come to his senses and realises that no one is going to win in a war against dragons, so lets put a pin in that high-living dream for the moment.

Daenerys once again lives up to her own contradictory standards. She understands that violence is going to be a necessary evil in this war, although that doesn't quite explain her lust for brutal punishments. I guess immolation is a sure fire way to not have to deal with the haters. Although Tyrion favours using The Wall or a dank cell as punishment, Daenerys gives you only two choices; bend the knee, or die. Randyll Tarly and his stupid son Dickon only believe in native born rulers, no matter how crazy they are, and agree to die for Cersei. Tyrion and Varys later talk on Dragonstone about how to get Daenerys to listen, as she seems to be getting more out of control. For all her talk of "breaking the wheel", of which Cersei has apparently utilised, Daenerys is more than happy to use old wheel techniques to get what she wants. Wouldn't it be ironic if she was to die via a breaking wheel?

Meanwhile, back at Winterfell, Sansa is getting shit from the northerners for Jon not being there, and according to Arya, she's wants the power for herself. Suspicious Arya gets even more suspicious as she follows Little Finger around the castle. What's he up to, eh? Well, it looks like he's tying to play the sisters against one another, as he allows Arya to break into his chambers and find a note he had hidden, which was sent back when Sansa was a hostage of the Lannister's, detailing Ned's death and telling Robb to bend the knee to Joffrey. Although this obviously annoys Arya, she can't be dense enough to think that Sansa truly meant it? I sense that a certain Lord Baelish may not be long for this world.

Bran warg's a bunch of crows north of the wall and witnesses the army of the dead slowly, ever so slowly, descending south. The Night King stares a crow dead in the eye which shocks Bran, leading him to send ravens out across the country warning everyone. One ends up in the Citadel, and all those Archmaester's have a good laugh at the fantastical story of crippled boy and the ice zombies. Sam gets noticeably pissed, as they refuse to believe Bran, let alone Sam himself, suggesting that its a ploy from the Dragon Queen. Sam leaves the room, and we are left with more fuel to flame the maester conspiracy, as they seem to seriously discuss the matter once Sam leaves. And those bastards still haven't told him that his father and brother are dead. Everyone takes the Citadel's words as gospel, and they seem to be abusing that fact.

Gilly's reading is getting on very well. While Sam is visibly bored at the idea of copying down these rotting scrolls, she's having a whale of a time recounting the bowel movements of High Septon Maynard. But, holy shit, what's this? A certain Prince "Raggar" annulled his marriage and married another on the same day in Dorne, all initiated by Maynard? So... Jon is the legitimate son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, and so he's the legitimate heir to the throne? And he fancies his aunt? What a fucking bombshell people, but this info is just privy to the audience. So far in the show only Bran is aware of Jon's true heritage, and all this means nothing to a frustrated Sam, although I'm sure he'll remember this information for an appropriate time. "Tired of reading about the achievements of better men", Sam steals a bunch of books and sneaks of the Citadel with Gilly and Sam Jr. and heads for the north (I presume he still doesn't know about his family).

At Dragonstone, Jon gets his first up close moment which a dragon, and he decides to stick his hand by its mouth. Luckily, Drogon decides to not bite it off and instead enjoys a nice little stroke, much to Dany's surprise.That's probably because he's a Targaryan, right? Jorah got the bullet train from the Citadel and arrives just as Dany does, and of course they're happy to see each other, and Jorah re-pledges his allegiance to her. In the war room Jon receives a note (which Varys earlier dismissed as being uninteresting), detailing that Arya and Bran are home. Unfortunately for the audience, his reaction to the news is a bit lacklustre, and he instead decides to talk about Bran's spying on the White Walkers. Everyone agrees that Cersei is the one they need to persuade, but first they need to get Tyrion to talk to Jaime, who they believe can influence Cersei and let them have an audience with her.

Speaking of Cersei, she's only gone and got herself pregnant by her brother. This is definitely going to give her more impetuous to not be flexible. Davos the Smuggler smuggles Tyrion into King's Landing, so that he can talk to Jaime, but Davos is there on ulterior motives. Heading to Flea Bottom he finds Gendry, the bastard son of the late Robert Baratheon, whose been hiding in plan sight, and whose ready to fight. And, lol everyone, Davos quotes that Gendry meme back at us. That's good writing that is. Who else out there noticed Kevin Eldon too as a Goldcloak, that made me happy. He did however get his head smashed in my Gendry's war-hammer... oh well. We now have our rag-tag group ready to catch a White Walker, which includes Jon, Davos, Jorah and Gendry, who sail away to Eastwatch.

When they get there, Tormund lets them know that they already have a bunch of captives they caught traversing north of the wall, and who should they be except but the Brotherhood Without Banners and the Hound. Yeah, this lot all hate each other, so we can expect some arguing in the next episode, but they all travel together for a common cause. This is the living against the dead, people, it doesn't matter what god you believe in or what monarchy you plead fealty to.

While not reaching the emotional heights of last weeks episode, we were treated to a lot of new information, especially that of Cersei's pregnancy, which she seems to view more as leverage over Jaime then any kind of happy moment. You can guarantee that this pregnancy will end in tragedy. Everything is moving so fast, as I seem to be saying a lot, but I still worry that we don't have enough time to properly tell everyone's story. Little Finger especially, the Machiavellian monster who has been orchestrating everything from the start, I fear will die before we get a chance to truly understand his reasoning. Gendry's reason for returning seems flimsy as well. I understand that he is a fan favourite, especially when shipped with Arya, but it felt like Davos just picked him up for "reasons". Everyone seems to fancy Dany too, and I'm not sure how I'll feel if the show resorts to Jon, Jorah and Tyrion having a little hissy fit over her. When people complain that the show now watches like a fan fiction, its episodes like this that perpetrate it.

While the pacing of this series is an issue, I'm hoping next weeks episode, which will focus on the gangs expedition to catch a White, will slow down a bit and let us indulge a bit more. As per the shows usual method, the penultimate episode is usually the most action packed, and seen as we've had Euron destroying a fleet of ships and Daenerys setting fire to everything, next weeks episode is going to have to deliver something quite special.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

ATOMIC BLOND - podcast review out now

In this slightly spoiler filled podcast (nothing that gives away the ending) we look at David Leitch's Atomic Blond. Based on the comic The Coldest City by Anthony Johnston and Sam Hart, we are taken to 1989 Berlin. The wall hasn't yet come down, but the world's secret service agencies are on high alert after a list containing the names of every agent goes missing. Enter Charlize Theron as Lorraine, MI6's best agent, a striking individual with plenty of fighting skills. Also starring James McAvoy and Sofia Boutella, we break apart this flimsy excuse for an 80s mix-tape and look at how its lack of emotion and gratuitous scenes has unfortunately made one of the most loathsome films of the summer.

We mention a couple of other films in this podcast. Find our reviews of them by clicking on the films title: Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

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